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KUUY60 license plate in FL state

#KUUY60 License Plate Lookup

Florida, United States

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Javi A

11 Feb 2019 00:02:53

Caution!!! The male driver in this car is a careless and dangerous driver I was driving on 836 west about to get off on sw 137th ave he came up quickly behind me and started tailgating me after a few moments he went to the right lane and merged back on to the lane I was in and scraped his big red pickup truck against the front right of my car and proceeded to slam on his brakes to get me to slam into him I hit the brakes once I saw he was merging into my car he sped up so I wouldn’t get his info so I sped up to get the license plate KUUY60 I guess he noticed me and slammed on his brakes trying again to make me hit him it seems that he lives in the sw 137th ave & coral way neighborhood PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS DANGEROUS MAN HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE OR THEIR LIVES ON THE ROAD

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