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CHL6222 license plate in NC state

#CHL6222 License Plate Lookup

North Carolina, United States

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2 Mar 2019 06:03:22

Beware of this lunatic. Don't honk at her for not obeying the traffic laws or she will tailgate you then cut you off/break checking you and when she's in front she will go the same lane you go in so you can't change at all. I had to take a turn with no signal so she wouldn't turn into the same lane (she was in front, and wherever I changed lanes, so did she). She loves to flash that middle finger. She doesn't use her turn signal, cuts cars off, goes well over the posted speed limit and talks on the phone. Cops need to bust her ASAP before she causes an accident!

Private User

10 Feb 2019 02:02:59

Fat white woman blocking a gas station entrance. I said "That's not a parking space." A car had to reverse because she was blocking. She proceeded to speed up and tailgate us like a manic screaming and giving us the finger then cut us off the road and when we tried to switch lanes she got in front of us every time - almost ramming us off the road and brake checked us. Crazy psychopath shouldn't be allowed to drive!

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