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#T752445C License Plate Lookup

New York, United States

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Lunatic driver - don't ride with this Guy!

8 Aug 2018 20:08:06

Lyft Driver Name = Peter - License Plate # T752445C WARNING - LUNATIC DRIVER!!! I called a Lyft car for my 5yr old AUTISTIC son and his three grandparents who are non-English speaking. This driver shows up and parks far away enough from the actual pick up address that almost caused the car to be cancelled. Then gets annoyed at my son for crying and tells them to get out of the car 5 mins into the ride. Remember that the grandparents are non-english speaking. The grandparents get my special needs son to stop crying but he starts up again and 10 mins into the ride, he tells them to get out bc he has to go get another rider. He cancels the ride, drops them off at the entrance of a bridge and leaves. Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! What would happen if they got hurt? It's a heat wave where I am so are they now expected to walk back to where they came from? This is complete discrimination and bigotry! Pick on someone your own fucking size and who can defend themselves, you asshole! This guy is a loose cannon and a completely disgusting for picking on a child (a special needs one at that) and the elderly. Please do yourselves a favor and avoid him at all costs! God forbid he hears you sneeze, dislikes it and drops you off in the middle of nowhere.

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