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LWX7109 license plate in TX state

#LWX7109 License Plate Lookup

Texas, United States

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8 Oct 2019 19:10:12

Plano, Tx - 6:10am - 10/8/2019 - I was behind this dangerous moron going to work this morning. This imbecile was driving 25 mph UNDER the posted speed limit IN heavy morning traffic that was going FASTER than the speed limit....and they were BLOCKING people!! We were driving down Custer road and turned onto the George Bush Hwy access road, and when we got to the entrance lane, I put on my blinker and safely changed lanes, and as I started to pass this fuktard moron, they JERKED ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER!!! I had to SLAM on my brakes and all the cars behind me had to SLAM on their brakes!!!! Then this dangerous, deranged psychopath was driving 30 mph GETTING ONTO A HIGHWAY WHERE EVERYBODY WAS DRIVING 70+ mph!!!!!! Once AGAIN, I put on my blinker and safely changed to another lane to get away from this violent fuktard, and AGAIN THEY JERKED THEIR CAR ACROSS MY FRONT BUMPER CAUSING ME TO HAVE TO SLAM ON MY BRAKES AGAIN! Luckily there was no other traffic in the faster lanes, so I jerked over there to avoid yet ANOTHER collision with this psychotically deranged lunatic and sped off to get the hell away from them!!!! BEWARE!!!! AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, DERANGED LUNATIC DRIVER!!!!! Silver BMW sedan!!

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