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Check Your Uber or Lyft Driver Using License Plate

So you have ordered an Uber or a Lyft and are standing there waiting, all you know about the driver is the name, license plate number and the rating that is provided by Uber or Lyft users. When you order the car your location is sent to the driver and once the driver confirms the ride you also see their location. It usually takes 5-10 minutes before the driver gets to you. 

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While waiting you can tap the bar with the driver's name, vehicle and license plate information to read some reviews. But have you ever thought that many people are afraid or refrain from posting bad reviews to the drivers? That mostly because the driver would know who was the passenger. So in most cases if the customer was to put a 0-3 rating they might put a 3-5. Additionally those drivers may request Uber or Lyft support to adjust those reviews, remove some of them, or modify them. In this case the reviews are not correct and your driver might not actually have the 4-5 star rating that its showing.

How to Check Your Uber or Lyft Driver? is your ultimate source to check your Uber or Lyft driver, all you need is their license plate number and state. Do a search and see if other people left good or bad reviews on the driver. You can do this while the car is on its way to you, so you are prepared for what to expect.

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How to Report Your Uber or Lyft Driver?

Good or bad, you always want to leave some feedback to the driver that picked you up. Its very easy to do it in your Uber or Lyft app, but if you were to post a bad review, your driver would know who did that, and ultimately might leave another bad review for you. Thus, it makes sense to make those reviews anonymous, you can use's search engine to find the car, review the driver, post photos and videos if you have, help others understand who they are dealing with.

What Does a Driver Background Check Include?

Uber Driver Location

Uber and Lyft do background checks to all of their drivers, it includes a Motor Vehicle review as well as criminal background check. The results of the background check determine how Uber or Lyft handle these drivers, it varies from state to state whether the vehicle driver is allowed to interact with the public or no. No one would want a driver that is a registered sex offender.

But what this is missing is many times the driver that’s picking you up is not the same person who is on file with Uber or Lyft, there are many illegal drivers who work under someone else’s identity, whether its stolen or previously agreed upon. So its very important to check and report your driver through third party sites like