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Florida Banned License Plates

Florida vanity license plates serve as evidence of the vehicle’s official registration. They contain a certain combination of letters and numbers, which should be confirmed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. But the Department can reject some types of combination. They have the authority to refuse certain vanity plates that have an indecent or objectionable meaning.

Banned license plates in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has rejected approximately 326 vanity plates in the past 6 years. They may have looked fine, but the combination of letters and numbers expressed an unwanted meaning.

Vanity plates can include up to 7 characters and also space and hyphen. They cost an extra $15 a year.

All vanity plates with a combination of letters and numbers that relate to sexual or racial aspects or violence will not be approved by the Department.

Here is a list of rejected license plates in Florida:

  • MURDR Florida License Plate

    The Department will not accept a license plate with the combination “MURDR.”
  • You cannot have “HooKER” or “EAT CACA.”
  • LUCIFRR Florida License Plate

    You are not allowed to use “LUCIFRR,” even if your name is Lucifer.
  • UNKLTOM Florida License Plate

    “UNKL TOM” is not acceptable either.
  • The Department will not approve plates that begin with “A” after “S."
  • It will not approve license plates containing “6” followed by “9.”
  • It will not approve license plates that begin with “F” followed by “C” and “K.”
  • KILL Florida License Plate

    Plates with violent words such as “KILL,” “KILLL,” “ILCUTU,” and “KUTYA” will not be accepted.

Custom plates in Florida

You may order a custom plate in the motor vehicle service in the State of Florida, for an extra $15 a year. The application should proceed in the local office.

Applications usually proceed within 30–40 days for non-personalized plates. For personalized ones, it will take 60–90 days to proceed.

In the state of Florida, you should renew your license plate every 10 years.

It is important to know that the license plates belong to the state of Florida. In case of an unexpired decal on the plate, you should return it to the state in one of these ways:

  • Return it in person to the motor vehicle service.
  • Email the motor vehicle service center requesting to cancel the license plate.

If you want to transfer your license plate to another vehicle, then you need to pay an extra fee of $80 to $100.

If your vanity license plate is lost, destroyed, or stolen, you need to complete a written statement, then email it to the motor vehicle service center.