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Kansas License Plate Search

Vehicles in Kansas must be registered with the Department of Revenue. This applies both to owners of new vehicles and to new residents in Kansas.

When you apply for a new plate, you can choose from a range of specialty license plates and personalized styles.

Sample Kansas License Plate

Sample Kansas License Plate

How to Apply for a Driver’s License in Kansas

If you’re a new resident of Kansas, or if you have just purchased a new vehicle, you must register your vehicle at the Department of Revenue (DOR).

Types of License Plates in Kansas

When you are applying for a license plate in Kansas, you have the choice between:

  • Standard License Plates Issued by the State (with a light-blue background, the state’s seal, and dark-blue characters)
  • Specialized Plates for Organizations, Charities, and Other Associations
  • Personalized Plates

People with a disability may be qualified to apply for disability license plates. These allow the drivers to park in handicapped zones through the state.

There are also temporary plates that allow you to drive your vehicle legally while your plates are being processed, or between purchasing a vehicle and driving it to the registration office.

You must register your vehicle within 90 days of moving to the state, or within 60 days of purchasing a new vehicle.

Note: Temporary plates are valid for 60 days and cannot be renewed.

Types of Specialty Plates in Kansas

For some of these specialty Kansas license plates, you may require additional documentation to establish your eligibility. Others may require additional fees that serve as a donation for charitable causes. Here’s a brief list of specialty license plates available in Kansas:

  • Military License Plates
    • Ex-Prisoners of War License Plates
    • Vietnam Veterans License Plates
    • U.S. Military Veterans License Plates
  • Charitable Organizations License Plates
    • Children’s Trust Fund License Plates
    • Breast Cancer Research & Outreach License Plates
  • Educational or Alumni License Plates
    • Wichita State University License Plates
    • Kansas State University Alumni License Plates
  • Profession License Plates
    • EMT License Plates
    • Firefighter License Plates

Personalizing License Plates in Kansas

Kansas allows for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles weighing up to 20,000 lbs to have personalized license plates. Here are a few guidelines to follow for personalizing your Kansas license plate:

  • Must have up to 7 characters (5 characters for disability and motorcycle plates)
  • Can only use numbers, letters, and spaces (no special characters)
  • Cannot use vulgar or inappropriate words

You should research the options by looking up available plate numbers before going to the DOR office and applying for the plates you want.

The cost for personalized plates in Kansas is $45.50, valid for 5 years. You are still required to pay for additional registration fees and your usual renewal fees.

Receiving License Plates in Kansas

Once you have successfully obtained the license plates for your vehicle, you must place the registration decal on the corner. It must be clearly visible. If it falls off or gets lost, you must replace it right away.

Renewing License Plates in Kansas

Kansas makes it quick and easy to renew license plates. You can visit the office in person or renew your license plates online or by mail.

You’ll promptly receive a new decal sticker, which you can place over the old one. Don’t forget to renew your registration before the expiration, to avoid any unwanted late fees.

Replacing Lost, Stolen, or Damaged License Plates in Kansas

In the event that your decals or license plates are stolen, you must file a police report right away. When you are applying for a replacement, you will be required to show the police report to the DOR.

Here’s what you’ll need for replacing a stolen license plate:

  • Completed Form TR-211
  • Copy of Police Report
  • Vehicle and personal documentation
  • Payment for applicable fees:
    • $2 for new license plate*
    • $0.50 for new decals*

*Note: Fees vary by county in the state of Kansas.

If your plates are damaged, you can bring them in and get them replaced with new ones. You must also fill out the same form for replacing your Kansas license plate.

When to Surrender Kansas License Plates

You may have to surrender your plates if you upgrade to personalized or specialty plates. Also, if you sell or give away your car and no longer need your license plates, you should surrender them to the DOR.

You can send them in by mail or deliver them in person. An alternative to surrendering your plates in Kansas is to recycle them, so that they cannot be used again.

How to Transfer License Plates in Kansas

When you purchase a new vehicle, you are permitted to transfer your license plates over. Transferring plates in Kansas is quite simple, and all you need is the following:

  • Vehicle title (same name as previous vehicle)
  • Application for transfer within 30 days of purchasing the new vehicle
  • Required documents (proof of insurance, valid ID, registration forms, etc.)
  • Bill of Sale
  • Payment for transfer fee: $6.50

In addition to the transfer fee, you may be obliged to pay for taxes and other services fees. Contact your nearest DOS in Kansas for more information.

How to look up Kansas license plates

If you’re buying a new car or considering personalized license plates, there are a few reasons to look up license plates in Kansas:

  1. Check for available plate numbers
  2. Get a report of a vehicle's history
  3. See if a used car is/was stolen

FindByPlate allows you to search license plates in Kansas and other states, giving you the information you need to make confident decisions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to look up Kansas License Plates and report bad drivers:

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