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Federal US Government License Plates

The federal government is a large organization with many different needs. To help federal employees move around and complete tasks on behalf of the government, they will need vehicles to move around. You can imagine how many vehicles are associated in one way or another to the government. 

There has to be a way to identify these vehicles, and there has to be a way to keep track of them. In comes the license plate.

You’ve encountered the plates with blue lettering over a field of white and watermark of the US flag in the background. Some have numbers cascading from left to right. That definitely piqued your interest. 

What does US Government License Plates mean?

It is mandated in law that every vehicle in service to the federal government must be conspicuously identifiable. It is for this reason that the gov license plate has to be present on every vehicle the federal government and its agencies use.
In pursuit of identification, there is a standard way in which gov plates are made. There are quite a number of federal organizations, and each will need to be uniquely identified. This is done via a combination of letters. Next, is the type of vehicle, which is denoted by numbers.  

What specific letters stand for on government tags?

You may have seen it on USPS vehicles and other federal government tags. Each organization has a specific way in which their vehicles’ license plates are made. For example, the USPS, there will always be a P, which is meant for Postal Service vehicles. 
There are other common letters such as:

  • VA for the Veterans Affairs, 
  • NG for the National Guard Bureau, 
  • J for the Department of Justice or 
  • I for the Department of Interior. 

Each organization has its own designations on US Government License Plates. 

Who gets a federal license plate?

As the years have gone by, vehicles have become more than a means to get from one place to another. The registration, usage, management and disposition has changed in various ways over the years. This has informed how license plates are made over the years. 
As to who will get a federal license plate, the Statutes guiding the preparation, issuance and disposition of the plates is very clear. The vehicles are meant to be For Official Use Only. This is evident as they are written on the license plates themselves. 

What to do if government license plates get lost or stolen.

With technology taking a hold of the world around us, you would think a federal license plate lookup would be as simple as Googling. While it is possible to conduct a lookup on a variety of plates, federal license plates are outside the purview of these license plate lookup organization.

If a government license plate does get lost or stolen, as mandated by law, you can report to the local police. You can also report the issue to the GSA Fleet and to the Federal Government Motor Vehicle Registration System.