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Mississippi License Plate Search

If you drive a car, truck, van, or motorcycle you’re required to register your vehicle and obtain license plates for the Department of Revenue.

When applying for your license plates, you can choose specialty plates or personalize them with a unique plate number.

Sample Mississippi License Plate

Sample Mississippi License Plate

Types of License Plates in Mississippi

When you register your vehicle with the Department of Revenue in Mississippi, you can apply for the following types of license plates:

  • Standard License Plates
  • Specialty License Plates
  • Personalized License Plates
  • Disability License Plates

Some license plates may have fees in addition to the standard registration costs.

After your application has been approved and you have received your plates, you must:

  • Attach your license plate to the front and back of your vehicle (only the back for motorcycles and trailers)
  • Apply a valid registration sticker in the lower right corner

With your registered plates on your vehicle, you’re able to drive legally on the road until the expiration date on the decals.

Applying for License Plates in Mississippi

When you purchase a new vehicle or bring your out-of-state vehicle, you must register it with the DOR.

You may have to visit the DOR in advance to pick up temporary license plates for your vehicle. Temporary license plates are valid for 7 days which allow you to pick up your vehicle, and drive legally until your vehicle’s registration is completed.

To apply for license plates in Mississippi, simply visit a DOR office and file the appropriate application forms. If you’re a new resident, you have 30 days to register your out-of-state vehicle. IF you recently purchased a new vehicle, you have 7 days.

Personalized License Plates in Mississippi

If you want to personalize your license plate with a custom plate number, you must following these guidelines provided by the Mississippi DOR:

  • Has up to 7 characters
  • Use letters, numbers and 1 space
  • Does not use profanity or inappropriate suggestions
  • Plate number is not already in use

The cost for personalized plates are $31 in addition to standard registration fees. You should always look up available license plates before applying.

Specialty License Plates in Mississippi

The following is a list of available specialty plates provided by the Mississippi DOR:

  • Charity Plates: Allows you to support a local charity with an annual donation
    • E.g. Soil conservation, Autism awareness, etc.
  • Collegiate Plate: Show your support as an alumni or past student
    • E.g. University of Mississippi, Louisiana State University, etc.
  • Sorority & Fraternity Plates: for those who’ve participated in their college years
    • E.g. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, etc.
  • Occupational Plates: get a custom emblem for your job type
    • E.g. Fraternity Order of Police, Firefighters, etc.
  • Organizational Plates: must be a member to obtain these
    • E.g. shriners, Knights of Columbus, etc.
  • NASCAR Plates: these plates feature drivers and teams
    • Contact the Mississippi DOR for a complete list.
  • Military Plates: for veterans and war survivors
    • E.g. Ex-Prisoner of War, Pearl Harbour Survivor, etc.
  • Classic Car Plates: for vintage and vehicles 25+ years old
    • E.g. hot rod, antique, etc.

Each plate has different fees in addition to the standard plate registration fees required. Contact the nearest DOR office for more details along with a completed list of all specialty plates available.

Transferring License Plates in Mississippi

In Mississippi, you cannot transfer your license plates to a new vehicle or a new owner. You plates remain with you.

When you purchase a new vehicle, you can transfer your plates accordingly.

Surrender License Plates in Mississippi

You must surrender your license plates if:

  • You sell your car and no longer need them
  • Move to a new state
  • Cancel your vehicle’s insurance

When you no longer need your license plates, you can surrender them to the nearest office by mail or in person.

It is possible to receive a refund for any unused credits on your registration. Please visit the DOR office to apply for a refund.

Replacement License Plates in Mississippi

If you’ve lost, damaged, or have had your plates stolen, you should replace them immediately. You must report your plates stolen to the police and obtain the appropriate forms from your county’s tax collection office.

The costs for replacing license plates in Mississippi are:

  • New Plates & Decal: $10
  • Decal only: $2.50

It may take time to issue new license plates if you had personalized or custom plates and wish a similar replacement.

Renewing License Plates in Mississippi

Renewing your vehicles registration can be done:

  • In person
  • Online
  • By mail

Simply submit any required documents and pay the renewal fee to receive your new decals. You can place the new decals directly over top of the old.

Overview of Fees for License Plates in Mississippi

The following are just a few of the fees you’ll be required to pay throughout the registration of your vehicle in Mississippi:

  • Standard Plate Registration Fee: $14
  • Standard Plate Renewal Fee: $12.75
  • Replacement
    • Plate + Decal: $10
    • Decal only: $2.50
  • Personalized Plate: $ 31
  • Specialty Plates (example):
    • Antique Car Plates: $26
    • Antique Truck Plates: $26
    • Antique Motorcycle Plates: $26
    • For more specialty plate fees, contact the DOR

When you register your vehicle, you may also be expected to pay taxes and other state fees. You can find more information by contacting your local DOR office.

Looking Up License Plates in Mississippi

In Mississippi, you can look up license plate using FindByPlate. You can find available plate numbers for personalizing your license plate.

Additionally, FindByPlate lets you see additional background information about a vehicle registered to a particular plate number.

Lookup a license plate in Mississippi here.