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Oklahoma License Plate Search

Residents of Oklahoma can apply for license plates with the Motor Vehicle Division.

There are a variety of license plates aside from the standard style, such as specialty license plates and disability license plates.

Sample Oklahoma License Plate

Sample Oklahoma License Plate

Types of License Plates in Oklahoma

When you register a vehicle with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) in Oklahoma, there are different plates to choose from:

  • Standard issued license plates have a blue background with black lettering
  • Specialty license plates contain a decorative style from organizations, occupations, special causes, and more
  • Disability license plates are for people with a disability.

Most of these license plates can be personalized to have a unique plate number. There are certain MVD guidelines to be followed in order to personalize a license plate.

There are also temporary license plates that must be obtained when you purchase a new vehicle. Temporary license plates allow you to drive legally on state roads while your vehicle’s registration is being processed.

Specialty License Plates in Oklahoma

Are you looking for a unique style, or do you want to show your support for a local cause? The state of Oklahoma offers a variety of unique and beautifully designed license plates. Here are just a few of the styles you can apply for:

  • Organization, Occupation, or Collegiate License Plates:
    • Police Officer Plates
    • EMT Plates
    • Boy Scouts of America Plates
    • Chickasaw Nation Plates
    • Alpha Phi Alpha Plates
    • Oklahoma State University Plates
  • Military License Plates:
    • Military Service Branch Plates
    • Military Award Plates
    • Combat Experience Plates
  • Classic Car License Plates:
    • Street Rods
    • Antique Vehicles

Specialty license plates can be applied for when registering your vehicle. There are additional fees for these, which vary by plate.

Some plates, such as Military License Plates, require eligibility and additional documentation before they can be issued to you.

Contact your local MVD office in Oklahoma to obtain a complete list of speciality plates and the fees you are expected to pay.

Personalized License Plates in Oklahoma

Oklahoma license plates can be personalized with a unique plate number. You should look up available plate numbers online before submitting an application.

There are strict guidelines that must be followed to be eligible for a personalized license plate. For example, you are not permitted to create a plate number with profanity or suggest that you are a member of a public service group (e.g., “P0L1CE”)

The costs for personalized plates are:

  • To order: $23
  • To renew: $21.50

It is possible to submit an application for specialty plates online, in person, or by mail.

Renewing Oklahoma License Plates

Before your Oklahoma license plates expire, you must renew your vehicle’s registration with the MVD.

You can submit an application for renewal:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person

After you have paid your renewal fees and your application has been processed, you will receive new decals which can be placed directly on top of the old ones.

Be sure to renew your vehicle before it expires, to avoid any unwanted late fees.

Surrendering License Plates in Oklahoma

The following situations require you to surrender your license plates to the MVD:

  1. You move to a new state
  2. You no longer need your license plates (e.g., after selling your vehicle)
  3. You cancel your vehicle’s insurance
  4. You register for a specialty license plate

You can surrender your license plates by dropping them off or mailing them to an MVD office.

Transferring License Plates in Oklahoma

If you purchase a new vehicle, you can transfer your old license plates. To do so, you are required to provide the following:

  • Registration of the new vehicle
  • Titling of the new vehicle
  • Proof of insurance for the new vehicle
  • Valid ID (i.e., Oklahoma driver’s license)
  • Payment for transfer

Note: If you have sold your vehicle, you have 30 days to transfer your license plates to a new vehicle.

Replacement License Plates in Oklahoma

If you have lost, damaged, or stolen license plates, you can apply for replacements with the Oklahoma MVD.

Replacement license plates require the following:

  • Submission of replacement application form
  • Proof of valid insurance for your vehicle
  • Payment of replacement fees

You may be able to retain your old license plates. Any damaged license plates should be surrendered to the MVD office.

Note: It is not mandatory to file a police report. However, doing so prevents the misuse of your license plates (illegal use, fraud, etc.).

Renewing Oklahoma License Plates

You can renew your vehicle’s license plates:

  • By mail
  • Online
  • In person

You may receive a renewal reminder in the mail, and you are expected to submit any necessary documents and payments for fees prior to your vehicle’s expiration date.

Failure to renew your vehicle will result in late fees.

Summary of Fees for Oklahoma License Plates

The state of Oklahoma requires you to pay taxes and service fees in addition to any registration fees for your vehicle. The following are a few of the standard fees you may be required to pay:

  • Standard Registration Fee:
    • Determined by the number of years registered, for example: 1 to 4 years: $96
  • Replacement fee:
    • Plate + Decals: $9
    • Mailing Fee: $3.50
  • Renewal Late Fees: $1 per day (max. $100)

For a full list of fees when registering your vehicle, contact your local MVD office.

Looking Up License Plates in Oklahoma

The search bar above allows you to look up available license plate numbers in Oklahoma. You can also use it to get information on a vehicle’s background, such as damage reports, whether the vehicle has been reported stolen, and more.