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Pennsylvania License Plate Search

The Department of Transportation accepts applications for specialty and personalized license plates.

Personalized license plates must follow the state’s guidelines and be available for registration. 

All residents using vehicles on the roads in Pennsylvania must be registered and have valid decals on their rear plates.

Sample Pennsylvania License Plate

Sample Pennsylvania License Plate

Types of License Plates in Pennsylvania

License plates in Oregon include:

  • State-issued license plate
  • Specialty license plate
  • Disability license plate
  • Personalized license plate

The standard license plate issued in the state of Pennsylvania has a blue, white, and yellow background with blue lettering. These license plates will be provided when you register your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can apply for the other license plates available if you meet the eligibility criteria and provide payment for any additional fees.

Speciality License Plates in Pennsylvania

Specialty license plates come in varying designs and relate to an organization, occupation, university, and more. Here are some examples of specialty license plates available in Pennsylvania:

  • Special Fund License Plates. A portion of the plate fees contribute to an organization's cause; examples:
    • Honoring Veterans Plates
    • River Otter Wild Resources Conservation Fund Plate
  • Collegiate License Plates. Support local schools, fraternities, and charities; examples:
    • Virginia Tech Plates
    • Penn State University Plates
  • Special Service License Plates. Supportive plates for local organizations and clubs; examples:
    • Shriners Society Plates
    • Lions Club Plates
  • Military License Plates. For military personnel honoring their service, awards, and experiences; examples:
    • Korean War Veterans Plates
    • Ex-Prisoner of War Plates
  • Youth Group Plates. Supporting local and national youth organizations; examples:
    • Boy Scouts of America Plates
    • 4H Youth Program Plates
  • Antique License Plates. For older vehicles; examples:
    • Classic Motor Plates (vehicles older than 15 years)
    • Vintage Motor Plates (vehicles from early 1900s to 1976)

You’ll be required to submit the appropriate documents and proof of eligibility for certain plate types. Other fees are added to the standard registration fees. These additional fees vary by specialty plate type.

Personalized License Plates in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania permits you to personalize your license plate with a custom plate number. Your plates must have: 

  • Up to 7 characters (i.e., letters and numbers)
  • Appropriate words or phrases (i.e., no foul language)
  • Unique characters (i.e., it is available to register)

You can search for available plate numbers online.

There are additional fees for personalized license plates along with the regular plate fees required at registration.

Disability License Plates in Pennsylvania

If you have the required documents for a disability, you may be eligible to apply for disability license plates and placards.

The state of Pennsylvania offers disability plates for:

  • People with permanent disabilities
  • Veterans with disabilities

Alternatively, placards are provided for:

  • People with permanent disabilities
  • People with temporary disabilities

Placards must be displayed from the rear view mirror.

Applying for License Plates in Pennsylvania

You can register your vehicle with the Department of Transportation in your county.

If you have a new vehicle or own an out-of-state vehicle (i.e., new residents), your vehicle must be registered promptly.

Depending on the type of Pennsylvania license plate you requested, you may have to wait up to 4 weeks for your plates to be processed and delivered.

Renewing License Plates in Pennsylvania

You’ll be required to renew your vehicle’s registration at the date indicated by the decals on your rear license plate.

Renewal can be made:

  • In person
  • Online
  • By mail

After paying the renewal fees for your vehicle, you’ll receive a new decal to place over the old one on your license plate.

Transferring License Plates in Pennsylvania

You may be able to transfer Pennsylvania license plates to a new vehicle if it is registered in your name.

You’ll be required to follow a process to transfer your vehicle’s license plates:

  • Registration of new vehicle
  • Titling of new vehicle
  • Proof of insurance
  • Valid ID
  • Payment for transfer fee

You cannot give away your license plates when you sell, auction, or donate your car.

Surrendering License Plates in Pennsylvania

You must surrender your license plates to a DMV office in Pennsylvania if you:

  • Don’t transfer them to a new vehicle
  • Cancel your vehicle’s insurance
  • Move to a new state
  • Damage them and apply for replacements
  • Upgrade to a specialty or personalized license plate

License plates can be surrendered by mailing them or dropping them off in person to the nearest DMV office.

Replacement License Plates in Pennsylvania

If your license plates are lost, stolen, or damaged, you can submit an application for replacements. You’ll need:

  • Completed application form for Lost, Stolen, or Damaged License Plates
  • Payment for replacement plates and decals

It is possible to apply for replacement license plates by mail. It will take up to 4 weeks for your new plates to be processed and delivered.

Note: You should notify the police if you believe your plates have been stolen. This is not mandatory, but doing so can help prevent their misuse.

Summary of Fees for License Plates in Pennsylvania

The following fees may be requested when you register or renew your vehicle with the DMV:

  • Standard Plate Registration:
    • Vehicle: $37
    • Motorcycle: $19
  • Disability Plates:
    • E.g., Disabled Veterans Plate: $11
  • Personalization: $79
  • Specialty Plates:
    • E.g., River Otter Wild Resources Conservation Fund Plate: $36
  • Transfer: $2
  • Replacement Plates: $11
  • Replacement Decals: Free

Any taxes or service fees are not included in the costs you see above. You should contact your local DMV office in Pennsylvania to get complete details of the fees required for the vehicle you own.

Looking Up Available License Plate Numbers in Pennsylvania

If you’re personalizing your license plate, you can use the search bar above to find available plate numbers in Pennsylvania and any other state in the U.S.

You can obtain additional information about a vehicle, such as vehicle history, theft reports, images, and more.