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MJV856 license plate in SC state

#MJV856 License Plate Lookup

South Carolina, United States

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10 Feb 2019 15:02:12

This truck tried to run me off the road. It happened on Hwy 20 on 2-7-19 around 7pm. There was construction, the right lane was closed, when the lane opened up the car in front of me went into the right lane, I proceeded around the vehicle in the left lane and then I moved into the right lane. This truck was behind me in the left lane and when I moved to the right lane he came up beside me and starting coming over on me. He ran me over into the emergency lane. If I had not slowed down he could have killed me and my family. Not sure why the driver tried to so this but we did get close enough a few miles later to take a picture of his tag number. People like this do not need to be on the road

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