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BQU4895 license plate in WA state

#BQU4895 License Plate Lookup

Washington, United States

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20 May 2021 11:05:06

King. Far superior to anyone he leaves behind him to read his inspiring message.


12 Apr 2021 16:04:37

White (derogatory)


12 Apr 2021 04:04:51

Be careful, hes dangerous, call the police if you see him, and if you do try to handle him make sure its not alone, like a group, just incase.


16 Mar 2021 05:03:35

He wants attention but he won't like it once it arrives! Make him infamous!!!!


16 Mar 2021 02:03:16

If you see this and feel the need to comment positive things of the driver, I would wager you don’t have very many friends lmao

Rob C

15 Mar 2021 22:03:06

1st Amendment does not protect hateful of racist speech. Period.


15 Mar 2021 21:03:07

Racist pig


15 Mar 2021 17:03:46

He's entitled to his opinion and free speech


15 Mar 2021 05:03:25

Absolute king.


14 Mar 2021 15:03:32

I bet this asshole was apart of the Jan 6th insurrection.


14 Mar 2021 11:03:17

This driver is spewing racism ever he drives. He is not safe to be around. He can not be deemed stable as he is promoting violence and bigotry all over his vehicle! Stay away, call the cops if you see him. He is very dangerous and deranged!


14 Mar 2021 05:03:01



14 Mar 2021 03:03:00

Stay away. This person should be considered DANGEROUS. Do NOT approach. Racist. Deranged. Mentally Ill


14 Mar 2021 03:03:00

Man that person is dangerous... man man man as long they not bothering me. Man man man (smacks lips) they act like they living is the 50s!!!


13 Mar 2021 22:03:55

Racist POS who displays hate all over their car.


13 Mar 2021 18:03:44

Racist, hateful driver with several horrible messages on vehicle. I do not feel safe to be near this filthy degenerate. How awful for the community and everyone this vehicle passes.


13 Mar 2021 01:03:38

Horrible racist, disgusting human being, piece of trash, inciting hatred and violence.

The Overseer

14 Sep 2020 15:09:31

Racist douchebag. He had a sticker that said "Fuck George Floyd and fuck Jacob Blake and Fuck Black Lives Matter". These innocent souls can't even defend themselves. Luckily when this douche dies, people will celebrate his death & not his life.


3 Sep 2020 15:09:16

Possibly a sociopath, pro-murder, spreading hate speech, he is a threat to every non-white person in America and might act violently.

Karen Jones

3 Sep 2020 14:09:04

I feared for me and my kids life today you guys should get this criminal off the streets immediately

Jennifer Nichols

2 Sep 2020 22:09:17

Hes speading hate on his car trying to incite comfrontations.

Jasmine Murphy

2 Sep 2020 17:09:58

He needs to be charged for hate crime and causing a disturbance in the woodland community. He had a sticker that said "Fuck George Floyd and fuck Jacob Blake and Fuck Black Lives Matter" that is unacceptable.


13 Aug 2020 02:08:27

Racist Idiot! I hope this person BURNS in hell for the rest of his life ?

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